Interior Painting

When you love what you do, it shows. Our clients trust us because they love their homes and want their paint jobs to be done properly.

Our Interior Painting Services Include:

Surface Prep

Did you know that homeowners who skip proper wall preparation often spend twice as much on repainting? That’s why we don’t cut corners – we prepare them. Our meticulous groundwork sets the stage for a canvas worthy of passion for quality. We smooth surfaces, fill cracks, fill gouges, close gaps and remove cobwebs to prepare for a beautiful paint job. Our go-to trusted paint brand is Benjamin Moore, but we are happy to use other brands if you have a preference.


Professional painters are only as good as the tools and products they use. We use only the highest quality professional paint in the industry. Never resting on our laurels, we’re always on the look-out for what is on the cutting edge of paint so our clients have the very best results. We will advise you on the type and finish of paint you need depending on the room we’re painting.


Although ceilings are prone to discolouration over time, they are often overlooked. Did you know that a well-painted ceiling can make a room appear larger and more open? Whether you have a standard 8’ ceiling, soaring vaulted heights, or special architectural features, our team of skilled professionals will tackle it as if it’s the Sistine Chapel.

Trim & Door

Neglecting your trim and doors is like wearing a pair of tired running shoes with a nice dress. Well-painted trim and doors create a cohesive design flow throughout your home. Fresh Look Painting’s meticulous approach ensures a harmonious and inviting space.

Staircase Staining & Painting

Properly stained wood can last for generations. Your staircase and staining projects are not just transformations, they’re investments in timeless beauty. And you’d be absolutely amazed what we can do when we repaint that dated staircase stain you hate. It’s nothing short of a modern, miraculous transformation!

New Construction

Fresh Look Painting proudly partners with distinguished custom home builders throughout Barrie and all over Simcoe County. Our dedicated team excels in delivering top-tier painting services, tailored to the meticulous requirements of custom home construction. Whether it’s precision spray finishing or crafting impeccable stair staining, we collaborate closely with local builders to guarantee each project attains the pinnacle of quality. Builders love our efficient communication, unwavering punctuality, and a commitment to keeping your projects running seamlessly on schedule. With Passion for Quality as our guiding principle, we elevate every custom home build to unmatched levels of excellence.



We promise to answer the phone or get back to you within 4 hours.


We schedule a mutually agreeable time for a site visit or if a site visit is not possible we collect information to provide you with an estimate.


We arrive on site as scheduled, reviewing all project details with you and our team to eliminate errors.


The owner personally visits throughout the project and conducts a walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction with the results.


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